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24 September 2024 - 25 September 2024
Brussel, Belgium
European Manufacturing Conference 2024
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Open until 17 September 2024

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European Manufacturing Conference 2024!

The European Manufacturing Conference is a biennial event that brings together key players in the European manufacturing industry, including policymakers, industry representatives, as well as academia, research & technology organisations, startups, scaleups and innovators.

The three organisers EFFRA, EIT Manufacturing and ManuFuture share a common vision that cooperation is key in creating an enabling environment to address the most pressing challenges faced by the European industry and society today and tomorrow. 

 In 2022, the conference programme reflected, among others, the topics human centricity, green and circular manufacturing, connectivity and resilience. And this year, on 24 and 25 September 2024, manufacturing players will unite to address:

What does the future hold for Europe's industrial landscape? And how can we influence and shape it?

Throughout the conference, the programme will tackle several topics, aiming to meet the needs and interests of the manufacturing ecosystem: 

  • How can businesses respond to geopolitical shifts to advance their manufacturing strategies?
  • What innovative technologies and strategies are being employed to achieve net-zero emissions in manufacturing?
  • What are the potential benefits and challenges of expanding manufacturing operations beyond European borders, and how can cross-border collaborations drive growth and resilience?
  • What opportunities does the entrepreneurial ecosystem offer in the European manufacturing landscape?
  • How can manufacturing organisations anticipate and prepare for future industry trends and disruptions?

Panel sessions, fireside chats, keynote speeches and networking opportunities will provide ideal platforms for speakers, panelists, and participants to explore how emerging technologies and trends can accelerate sustainable innovation in Europe. 

European Manufacturing Conference 2024 – the place to be on 24 and 25 September 2024!

P.S. This is a paid entrance event. Registration limits apply as follows: 

EIT Manufacturing partners, EFFRA and Manufuture members are allocated up to 3 free tickets.
Starting with the 4th participant, a half-price discount on the full ticket amount will be applied.

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      Location Event Lounge, Bd Général Wahis 16/F, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium
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      France 22
      Spain 19
      Belgium 19
      Italy 11
      Germany 9
      Finland 9
      Greece 5
      Austria 4
      Sweden 3
      Netherlands 3
      Hungary 3
      Ireland 3
      Portugal 2
      Norway 2
      Türkiye 2
      Switzerland 2
      Lithuania 2
      United Kingdom 1
      Estonia 1
      Poland 1
      Moldova, Republic Of 1
      Luxembourg 1
      Total 125
      Research Institution 37
      Association/NGO/Public Institution 18
      University 14
      EU/Public Administration/Government 12
      SME 11
      Large Enterprise 6
      Other 5
      Startup/Scaleup/Entrepreneur 1
      Investor/Incubator/Accelerator/Business Angel/VC 1
      Total 105